“Learn how to play more songs and upload your own version at Chromatik – http://bit.ly/1pll9kR Violin sheet music, chords, and vocals for Demi Lovato – Let i…

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24 thoughts on “Violin – Let it Go – Demi Lovato – Sheet Music, Chords, & Vocals

  1. mark lucking says:

    Love it, but want to buy the sheet music, but where can I get it? Want THIS
    version for the VIOLIN!!

  2. LachLach123456789 says:

    this arnt the right notes :/ alt 0:05 this is wrong i swear and its repeats
    every time :(

  3. Amy Geraghty says:

    could put them up as the cords like A.B.C or sumthing plz because i do the
    violin and i would love to learn 

  4. Tasmia Uchiha says:

    Um….I have a music sheet that’s um better than this one not to be
    rude!!!!!!! 😉 I made that sheet so ya it’s exactly like Demi lovato’s

  5. Annabelle Perkins says:

    PEOPLE THESE ARE THE WRONG NOTES they are to low but the rhythms are right
    so play these rhythms and the notes for violin are
    E F# G (d string)
    A(string) D(string) A(string)
    G F# E E E E F# G ( d string)
    E F# G (d string)
    D D(d string) B A(a string) G(d string) A B B C natural B A( a string) G(d
    D B A(a string) D D(d string) D B(a string) G(d string)
    G G F D D(d string)
    B C C B C B C C B G(g string)

    hope this helps and sorry its long :)

  6. ashleyofhalifax says:

    can you post the sheet music to theres no way by alabama, and to more than
    you’ll ever know by travis tritt? thanks!

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