Learn how to play blues piano accent notes with jazz piano concepts and techniques. Learn this and more in this free online piano lesson taught by profession…

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25 thoughts on “How to Play a Funk Groove on the Piano : Accent Notes for Blues Piano

  1. PiAnOdUdE976 says:

    well considering its more for an intermediate or advanced player not a
    beginner and for tips not really lessons more of tips and techniques if
    you’d read the description

  2. BraedonQ says:

    There are two attitudes a person can have when watching a video like this.
    The first man listens, clears his mind, and is excited to learn something
    new, something different. The second man does not devote his energy into
    the art, does not give himself the time and space to learn effectively, and
    his mind swims through all of the things that he is already much better at
    and would rather be doing. So which person do choose to be?

  3. panther8000 says:

    have a listen to Erwin’s elevated boogie by bob hall 😀 he’s really really
    good at the whole blues-boogie thing 😀

  4. Marc Koni says:

    The guys from expertvillage are experts BUT the videos are (i think) for
    beginners (or even advanced)

  5. flavonator says:

    I’ve worked out the chronological order of the videos in this series except
    for this one and the Bass Octaves. Which video comes first out of these two?

  6. keybobrob says:

    i luv this guy…musical perspectives…very cool teaching skills! Reminds
    me of an old old movies of when this austrian type musical
    professor/pianist was analyzing what Louie Armstrong was doing musically
    with his horn…and Mr. Armstrong just shrugged his shoulders and made some
    kind of comment like…”sounds good to me…”…the point is its great this
    kat is talented enough to break down some of the articulated phrases and
    expression in this sort of playing style…too exact for me.

  7. keybobrob says:

    im not criticizing it…I THINK ITS GREAT…but bear in mind a lot of what
    works in this style of music is IMPLIED playing of note. Some of the “funk”
    is space where you CAN place a note or lick but you DON’T place it.
    sometimes listening is so much better than watching up close…a poor
    analogy could be the difference of reading a book compared to watching a
    movie about the book….But all in all he is a great INSTRUCTOR for those
    who benefit from this style and are better visual learners.Cool!

  8. oneman1970 says:

    WHO THE FCK IS THIS GUY!!!!! if he gets any cooler im gonna need to put on
    a windbreaker on just to watch this

  9. Attila Kovarcsik says:

    Left hand sounds like Chameleon from Hancock. Good job! Someone mentioned
    it too.

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