“Learn how to play more songs and upload your own version at Chromatik – http://bit.ly/1pll9kR Viola sheet music, chords, and vocals for Demi Lovato – Let it…

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9 thoughts on “Viola – Let it Go – Demi Lovato – Sheet Music, Chords, & Vocals

  1. Summer Harris says:

    What program did you make this with? Also, do you play the viola? I’m
    learning how to! 😀


  2. katherine mei says:

    wow! U play pretty good! AMAZING! 😛 Well, I am playing the viola too and
    I was wondering if you can put up a video of let it go from the movie
    frozen. It will be awesome if u do so. I AM GOING TO TRY TO DO IT
    TOO!!!!!!!! XD

  3. Ridhwan Yottapsye says:

    My only criticism is that I don’t see the C string being used.

    Edit: C string isn’t used in the song probably because it’s not necessary.
    But it would be nice if there are a few songs that use the c string. I love
    the low pitch of the c string on a viola ^^.

  4. Akash The Viola Penguin says:

    to my fellow violists, this is the video that has the sheet music for let
    it go. im working on transcribing it, and will have it on g+ and my website
    by next week

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