Solo sheet music: Duet sheet music part 1: Duet sheet music part 2: http:…

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25 thoughts on “Skyrim Main Theme – Piano Cover (with sheet music)

  1. Goldenkitten1 . says:

    Though I agree the way that guy said it was rude I don’t get all these
    “Don’t say anything if you can’t say anything nice!”. A good artist should
    be able to take criticism and apply that criticism to perfecting their art
    to a greater degree. There is NOTHING wrong with pointing out diffecency in
    something as long as you do it in a respectful way, and a helpful one. That
    said that clearly wasn’t the case with that poster, this is more just a
    musing on all the “YOU CAN’TZ SAAAY THHHHAATTT!” posts.

  2. SlowSlowSloth says:

    @GigaGausser …. i am steven… Taioo’s cover is still 100x times better!
    Have you even listened to it?

  3. 18whitehorse says:

    Takes off hat to epic theme music! 🙂 You are now my hero! Lol. I’ve been
    looking for the sheet music! Can’t wait to learn this! 😀

  4. Zachariah Renken says:

    @GuitaristYo90 Dang, apparently they think I’m breaking copyrights. I’ll
    switch to a new website.

  5. Zachariah Renken says:

    Probably going to re-upload all of my stuff to mediafire or something.
    4shared seems to have been a bad experience for people.

  6. dannybee722 says:

    Go ahead! I bet it would sound great! Would you mind sharing your
    orchestral version of it? I’d love to hear it! and thank you! I guess being
    a music major is worth something 😛

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