Sign up for FREE piano lessons at: . Learn how to play tied notes on the piano in this piano lesson with Nate Bosch of PianoLesso…

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10 thoughts on “Tied Notes – Piano Theory Lessons

  1. JPiiiX says:

    so you just hold for 2 beats, for two quarter notes that are tied ? simple
    as that right ? tie notes and dots are confusing me at this stage for me.

  2. keyofdminor says:

    Thanks for the video. Strangely, I am looking at sheet music that has a
    tied note in the middle of a bar. However, I just realized it is setting up
    a phrase that comes later in the bar.

  3. basstardize says:

    ok but do they sound like when you say hold it? nobody ever seems to give
    an example.

  4. sgsawant says:

    The hideous levels to which human intellect can fall! Sorry just
    exaggerating a bit there. No, I mean I can understand if the keyboard is in
    the other room. You have to get up from your chair, go to the room, search
    for the piano and haul it back in front of the camera. Then you might have
    to plug it in too and arrange for a mic or something like that. But did you
    notice that you have the keyboard right in front of you? Can you not for
    heaven’s sake play us the example?

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