Hey, In this video im teaching you how to play the Harry Potter theme song on the piano with one hand. this video will help you to learn the song step by ste…

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25 thoughts on “The harry potter theme, piano, with notes.

  1. Vinayak Mull says:

    I loved this video…. This video is amazing and I heartly believe that
    this video should be shared widely..!!

  2. Emilia Borisova says:

    Make more of these videos! I have always wanted to play the piano, at least
    I’ll be able to play the most well known tunes!

  3. asiana maria says:

    wow thanks ive been doing this song 2 days straight and ive finally learnt
    all of it and it sounds great

  4. iLikeBandsMoreThanYou says:

    Your tutorials are the best I’ve watched so far, I can actually understand
    them instead of a guy yelling piano chords at me c: thankchu

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