The music sheets can be downloaded here: The MIDI-file can be downloaded here: The …

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25 thoughts on “TES V: Skyrim Main Theme (FULL) Piano Cover + sheets

  1. XperimentaIGames says:

    you know… i didnt played any instruments for like ages but bc i of this
    ill practice all day and piss of my neighbours :D

  2. gerse111 says:

    yeahhh have to agree with those that say you could have taken the time to
    practice a little more rather than uploading with that many mistakes. I
    mean it’s obviously a good arrangement and all and you have talent but a
    little more polish would really help (annnd cue haters with no ear for
    music downvoting me =p)

  3. Pete roberts says:

    Great well played, any chance of you doing a cover of Fear not this Night
    from guild wars 2? I so much want to learn this and by watching you play
    with the cover of the piano I can pick it up. Please

  4. Charlie Selvage says:

    You know it’s been actually almost a year since I saw this and now I can’t
    resist but say this. I can’t read music right bit when I saw this I really
    wanted to play it. So I listened and watched you play it over and over
    until I played it. And now, to this day I am still surprising and bearing
    anyone by playing this song. Thank you :D

  5. Jurjen de Boer says:

    I learned the whole song, except for one little bit, the ”’Dovahkiin naal
    ok zin los vahriin” part 0:40
    Everything is okay, i can play the background of it, but then it turns to
    double D, and my fingers aren’t that long to go THAT fast over an octave. 

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