23 thoughts on “The Giver – Rosemary’s Piano Theme (Extended attempted version of the movie)

  1. godssent2 says:

    Afraid I can’t, I have no idea how to read or write music. I just listen to
    songs and play them like I did for this (although I manually created the
    notes rather than playing them myself) :/

  2. Supersaint360 says:

    this song really gets to me. whenever i listen to it i think about
    everything that will happen in the future and my child hood and all the
    good memories i had. i think of the girl i like at school. i think about my
    family and what would happen if i lost them or something. by the end of the
    song, i’m in tears.

  3. godssent2 says:

    Thank you all for praising me on recreating this. As long as everyone feels
    the same emotion I felt when I listened to this scene, then I have achieved
    everything I hoped to accomplish in recreating this (without the talking
    lol). I’ve never been able to read music, and I don’t have the capacity to
    learn how to write it on paper either but I believe that listening to what
    your emotions tell you to play resonates louder than any symbols ever could

  4. Samuel Han says:

    This is a great song. I really don’t want to say anything bad but as a
    violin player myself I thought the violin was too nasally without enough
    vibrato. Otherwise its GREAT! I like it a lot!

  5. Artur Karapetyan says:

    I think life is gonna be exactly like the movie someday, because people
    don’t seem to stop the wars and conflicts the government might do something
    like this.Maybe the RFID microchips that the government is making for the
    future is to control ppl. I wish we could just stop the cruelty because
    there may not be any Jonases in the future 🙂 

  6. x.girlybooknerd.x 2 says:

    A very nice song! Nice to listen to whilst doing homework…which is what
    I’m doing right now :)

  7. Kool Karena says:

    I saw this movie in class
    And i pretended to play the piano while everyone was looking at me weird <3
    great songg 

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