22 thoughts on “Amelie Piano Tutorial (Comptine d’un Autre Été)

  1. Heinrich Franz Hermann Motz says:

    Y doe like it, y cud sea that people with a short finger, also rites the
    hand clavier. 

  2. mar tan says:

    helped 😀 lol my sister jst wanned me to learn this, so i found tjis
    tutorial, and a can play it after like 10 mins 😀 lol

  3. eva ramselaar says:

    This is perfect for my style i think that Some tutorials are to fast or
    when there is easy above but its really hard but this one has won

  4. Joschepu says:

    Thank you very much, all of you, for your nice comments!! I’m really glad
    my video helped you guys to play this song! Have fun
    playing the piano!! :D

  5. Rafa CWis says:

    Great video, I just tryied it on my grandma’s piano but im too bad in
    playing music to do it well xD
    You make it seem so easy hahaha

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