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24 thoughts on “System Of A Down – Toxicity – piano cover [HD]

  1. Alexis Cruz says:

    This person is intense!! I just looked up what songs I wanted to learned on
    piano and found this. Damn she’s beautiful..

  2. Velles Minions says:

    прям злой гений..)а сзади тикает время до конца света)

  3. PyroAnubis says:

    Stunning. Your style and technique are fucking epic. I know I don’t have to
    tell you, but keep whooping ass.

  4. Федя Рашпиль says:

    бахает как-будто гвозди заколачивает! стучать громко по клавишам ума не
    надо! а ты попробуй сыграть классику! этюды шопена. например… или Ференца
    Листа… кишка тонка у этой чувырлы….
    даже с рашпилем в жопе я левой пяткой лучше сыграю!

  5. MoveLookListen says:

    HA! I found it again!!!
    I just remember this russian girl playing the grand piano in a way that
    made grand pianos relevant again. I heard another song maybe a few years
    ago and I was in happy shock. I’ve been way too busy for listening to music
    for a while but today I remeber her impact, and google around for a while,
    and here she is.
    This time I subscribed!!! 😀
    Damn, I get goose bumps!

  6. Nikita Padhye says:

    1. Watch video.
    2. Listen to music.
    3. Hit the replay button.
    4. Repeat for eternity.
    5. Curse when your laptop’s battery runs out….

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