This is the complete version of the game’s main theme. All credits go to Taioo, Atkin1337, Bethesda, and Jeremy Soule. All I did was record it on synthesia. …

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25 thoughts on “[Synthesia] Skyrim Main Theme ”Dragonborn” (Taioo Piano Transcription)

  1. Charlie Chuckles says:

    sigh, this is the Elder Scrolls’ themesong, not the Skyrim theme song. Not
    that any of you know that elder scrolls existed before the watered garbage
    that is skyrim

  2. Ulquiorra Cifer says:

    Charlie Chuckles-three things one yes it is the Skyrim theme because it’s
    the song talking about the dovahkiin plus all the games have a specific
    theme, two Skyrim, along with Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, and Oblivion,
    is a great game just because Skyrim happened to be the biggest game doesn’t
    mean it sucks and the fact that you think your above every other
    Elderscrolls player because you don’t like Skyrim is quite saddening,
    finally why can’t you just take the song and the game for what it is and
    stop complaining.

  3. TheDeadlyPianist says:

    Synthesia makes this look insane! I thought the sheet music looks
    complicated. After watching this it makes me wonder how I ever learnt to
    play it.

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