How fast can human fingers move? Note: please do not comment on how this isn’t the way this exercise is supposed to be played or how bad it sounds, because t…

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24 thoughts on “Piano Speed Record (20 notes per second!)

  1. russ lowe says:

    That’s not necessarily how it works bro. You can’t do the math how you did
    it and say “I can play 20 notes a second.” Cause if that were really true
    then you could just do the 20 notes in 1 second without all that extra
    time. Why not just do 1 second of it and that’s it? Because its easier to
    embellish and say you did 20 notes in a second when really your timing
    varied because we don’t play exact. 

  2. Alexander Lee says:

    Wanna develop technique, play Chopin’s Etudes… especially revolutionary
    one for left hand… 

  3. Brett Matt says:

    very fast fingers!
    But it is not good enough to claim the Speed Record at all, Honon is the
    most easy finger exercise, human being’s 10 fingers producing 20 notes per
    second is not a hard job. Many of my friends can do the same

  4. Alex Isackson says:

    I’ll be impressed when you can do all the Hanon exercises that fast, and in
    all twelve keys, and in 6ths and 10ths. Keep practicing. 

  5. Robin Morris says:

    Pointless. you’ve picked an exercise which makes it easy to hit notes
    quickly. Might as well do a single glissando, 1 swipe of all the white
    notes (50 or so) and claim that to be the faster

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