Hey everyone, I have recovered from my left hand injury and can finally play the piano again, just in time for the start of the new summer anime season 2014! This is also my 100th video upload…

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25 thoughts on “Swordland (Main Theme)- Sword Art Online OST [piano]

  1. **Clément says:

    For sure. I will buy a piano when i’ll get a lot of money and my house.
    Learn it and play anime piano songs !

  2. Pol Ackeen says:

    This here is exactly what I would like to play on my piano… Sadly, i
    didn’t have asian-level discipline when it comes to practice and am now age
    20 and far inferior to the real pianists out there… ^^

    Proper good job right here!

  3. Tristan Wenceslao says:

    I just can’t get over how amazing this is! I keep watching this over and
    over and over… By the way, has anyone learned Animenz’s version of

  4. Kengee Vang says:

    Not to be all judgemental ( dont get me wrong, this guys a god) but is it
    sped up a little? If not then his hands are like lightning fast. I keep on
    watching this over and over in amazement. 

  5. Joshua W says:

    The people who actually thought SAO was a terrible anime probably don’t
    know how to have fun and enjoy a show, cause this show was pretty damn cool
    even with it’s “flaws”

  6. AnaGi_ GV says:

    All of you (or well, most of you) might say it is soo hard, you cant learn
    that. BUT if you try and make an effort for that, Im completely sure you
    can do it (Even if you dont have any piano skills). If you say you cant,
    you cant. But if you say “I can”, man, you can do it. This is just and
    advice for people that think they cant because it does not depends of how
    hard is this, your skills or even your age. It is all about you. So, why
    not to begin now? 🙂

  7. 조채은 says:

    Seriously, this is the best piano video I’ve ever seen. I’m getting
    goosebumps all over my back It’s like Kirito is moving around my room with
    his sword while listening to this gotta watch SAO again… Thanks for this
    awesome vid.

  8. flamethrower601 says:

    +Animenz Piano Sheets Okay. Wow. Now, look, I don’t mind if you reply or
    not. Just read this please. I know that this comment is words on a screen,
    but that doesn’t matter. What matters is is that you have amazing talent,
    and I’m glad that you’re sharing it with all these people. You are one of
    the best people I have seen play the piano, and it is so inspiring to me,
    that I have watched this video over and over again, and now I can play the
    piano just a little like you. Thank you so much for being my teacher. HAPPY
    FACE \(^o^)/

  9. fatalangel3298 says:

    To all the people that thought SAO got boring after ep 12, let me tell you
    this: Thanks for telling us what you thought about the anime without even
    finishing half of Season 1. That just shows that you give up on things when
    they don’t go the way you expected it to be at the beginning. Sure it got a
    little too “romancy” and i thought it was a little cheesy at that point,
    but do you really think the anime is bad cause of that? I’m not saying that
    it is, but regardless of that fact, you shouldn’t just say an anime is bad
    or boring just because a few shifts and turn of events happen. If you gave
    up on the show, then just give it another shot like Animenz did and look at
    him, he enjoyed it at a certain extent, and hell he’s making excellent
    piano covers from the show. If you still don’t like it then oh well i guess
    reading this was pointless. Either way an anime’s an anime and SAO is a
    very good one from start to finish. Give things a chance, people.

  10. Sapphire Schoenmaker says:

    I wish I could play like this.. I can’t explain how good this sounds to

  11. textreme02 says:

    One of the best soundtracks in anime as for the actual anime I loved it but
    there are a few things I hated such as the time skips, like cmon I wanna
    watch all that shit! The only other thing I hated was when Kirito and Asuna
    adopt the Ai (forgot her name) at first otherwise it kinda works out. Love
    this anime tho

  12. Graden Kemble says:

    I…. Used to be able to play the theme song before alfheim online… but
    then… I forgot it

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