Pi Song I wrote to help me memorize pi – I figured it would be easier to remember a melody than a string of numbers. Sheet music here:http://bit.ly/PiSongSheetMusic Download here (first 100…

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23 thoughts on “Song from π! (with Sheet Music/HQ Download)

  1. Oli Williams says:

    Hmm, I’m interested by that last thought. π is an irrational number,
    meaning its digits go on forever (and can’t be expressed as a fraction or
    repeating decimal).

    However, it has been suggested by physicists that time is split into
    discrete amounts (chronons etc.), meaning that you can’t have an irrational
    amount of time because if you keep adding more digits to a time period
    (like in π), you eventually get to such a small amount of time that it’s
    actually indivisible and you can’t go any further.

    Therefore, there cannot be one instant where (in the terrible American date
    system) it’s exactly 3/14/15 9:26:53.58979….. etc. This theoretical
    instant would lie somewhere between two actual ‘ticks’ of time. I should
    make the disclaimer that I’m not actually a physicist myself and I’d be
    interested in hearing other opinions on this.

  2. marlinda sprowls says:

    This song is so beautiful , I have made it my mission to memorize all the
    numbers in this song and I have succeeded and I now know over 145 digits
    but as I was practicing reciting them along with this song I noticed that
    in measure 19 the third note the 4 should be a 2. The music is write is was
    just a type o. 

  3. xxSuteki says:

    I’m doing a speech on Pi Day tomorrow and was going to use your song as
    background music for an example on one of the ways to exemplify the wonders
    of pi. But this remake has blown my mind that it got even more refined and
    sounds divine. Beautiful. 🙂 

  4. DSM1G90 says:

    wonderful “piece” (not a song since there is no voice) written in A minor
    and follows the harmonic minor pattern ! Congrats and Good Luck !

  5. Nad Lep says:

    I listen to your melody every day since i heard it in old version.
    Will you marry me the 3.14.15 at 9:26:53 ? plz 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Now i’ll try something new : i listen the 2 vidéos in the same time but not
    at the same time, as a big symphony.

  6. Verascienza says:

    Oggi è #PiGrecoDay
    Il π è una costante il cui valore è dato dal rapporto tra la lunghezza di
    una circonferenza e il suo diametro

    Di seguito le prime 314 cifre che compongono il PiGreco

  7. Александр Александров says:

    Красота неописуемая! Вот такое волшебное число Pi !

  8. Ricardo Andres Naranjo Vargas says:

    This was awesome, but you were eight days away from the epic Pi day of the

    Also, you should consider applying the Fibonacci Sequence to music sheets
    and harmonizing with that as well. 

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