Learn “Because He Lives (Amen)” on Piano. Teacher Wade McNutt. EMAIL LIST: http://pianomeditation.fanbridge.com/ Website: http://pianomeditation.com/ Facebook: …

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8 thoughts on “Because He Lives (Amen) – Matt Maher – How to Play on Piano

  1. pianomeditation says:

    Because He Lives (Amen) by Matt Maher. Enjoy a teaching video for this new
    great song! Peace, Wade.

  2. Charlotte ChristianSongs says:

    I like your new intro page 😀 and gr8 video btw. 🙂 Here’s a request for a
    piano tutorial: God, You Are My God by Desperation Band 🙂 tnx, God bless!

  3. Beach07 says:

    Your covers are great! If you need any more songs, I like You Are, More of
    You, Our Time is Now, and Loud and Clear all by Colton Dixon. These are
    more on the ROCK side of Christian Contemporary Music, but.

    Thanks again!

  4. David Rosales says:

    Hi my brother your cheat sheets are awesome and this pianomeditation is
    truly God lead I’ve always wanted to play the piano and God has made that
    possible through this so thank you and God bless you i do have a
    request could you do (surround me by Clint Brown) please

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