Skyrim Theme Remix : This is the Main Theme Remixed, ReArranged & ReOrchestrated by me for the Fans of Skyrim & The Elder Scrolls Games. Less Vikings, more S…

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25 thoughts on “Skyrim Theme Remix – Elder Scrolls Theme Orchestra

  1. Straffe_Hendrick says:

    This is a VERY nice version of the theme song, Good work its great. Still
    some parts are like Transformers tracks. i guess its me

  2. G Starhunter says:

    look i love what you did here i really do but there are some points i would
    like to make that would make the original theme sound better first off the
    Nords live in skyrim so that means the land is full of vikings XD next
    point what is a winter land without some nice viking music for slaying
    dragons =3 final point vikings are damn awesome =3(remember i am not trying
    to say that it is bad its just that i am making some good points here).

  3. ^NutcasE^ says:

    actually no they are not. they all share the same tune from morrowind true
    but like oblivion it only shares extremely short part offof it.

  4. TheCrazyGamer says:

    This is not skyrim. Skyrim is not as slow, Skyrim is faster, Oblivion
    Shorter, and Morrowind is exactly like this. It’s Morrowind.

  5. Emily Parent says:

    To the people who believe that it’s all the same it’s NOT! It contains some
    similarities yes but not all, they have made 5 already with a sixth one on
    the way, every single Elder Scrolls game I’ve played I’ve heard different
    tunes! We also have to look at the fact that they put some of the Morrowind
    track in the game because as I recall, they bring Morrowind back in the DLC
    Dragonborn. I can be hard to create new tracks without straying from
    tradition but they have done a pretty damn good job so far.

  6. RaidriarRules says:

    This is actually the Morrowind theme remixed. The Greybeards chant in the
    Skyrim theme, and the Skyrim theme has more beat to it.

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