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25 thoughts on “Piano & Notes Nail Art

  1. HannahRoxNails says:

    I’d LOVE to play the piano. I started to teach myself Moonlight Sonata on
    the keyboard and can play the first bit, but no much more haha 😛

  2. SeoCute Nails says:

    U sure are gettin better and better =) and wow u r fast at uploading new
    vids juz saw one ytd n today another is post up.thx !

  3. Natalia Perez says:

    Please, can you upload a video of water nails? I would love Kiss and please
    upload 🙂

  4. Paige C says:

    Awwwww 🙁 with the 8th note and 16th note it almost looks like the 16th
    note is third wheeling on a love fest between two sixteenth notes….still
    love it (you chose the prettier notes! :3)

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