Et voilà, la dernière version, sans les choeurs. J’en ferais peut être une reprise pour me marrer, mais en attendant, ça enlève le gros côté virtuel. Et voil…

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25 thoughts on “Skyrim Main Theme Orchestral Cover (No Choirs)

  1. SweErnie says:

    Great work! I love this version… Can you please upload it somewhere in
    high quality?

  2. WastelandCrusader says:

    @HerrRicola – He meant ‘no choir’ as in no vocals during the ‘Dovahkiin,
    Dovahkiin, Naal ok zin los vahriin …’ part and the singing before and
    after that part, but he left in the grunts (the war chant).

  3. Stratos Gkagkanis says:

    @BillieNat damn i meant “HEAR” not “see”! 😛 I will check your channel. If
    you want, listen to Killzone 3 main menu theme, its good, you may like it.

  4. adamishkos says:

    Nice work, but it’s not as grandiose as it could be. There is no big
    gradation on 1:00 and further, and that’s what I miss here. However still
    great song.

  5. FlyingAce1016 says:

    it still has singing at the beginning I wanted a music only version because
    it’s the oblivion theme remastered, I already got the chanting (skyrim

  6. sitch21 says:

    A: one Falmer disliked this (so far,,,) B: what do you expect?! the nord
    choir boys beat their ass to near extinction! haw haw..

  7. WUIEWCrew says:

    @BillieNat I’m making a few animations so maybe I could use your adventure
    soundtrack and link it to your channel(and website if you have one…)

  8. Nathan Einhorn says:

    @WUIEWCrew Maybe I could compose directly for your animations, if you want.
    I’m always interested in new projects !

  9. Nathan Einhorn says:

    @mordredP777 Nope. Except for the trumpets in the transition with the Elder
    Scrolls Theme, where they play in unisson and they’re not supposed to be.

  10. crazyman81195 says:

    im currently working on a kinda re-dub of this song for marching band…any

  11. Lovelyman5150 says:

    Love this but is there any way you could make it without any shouts in the
    beginning if not that’s okay I really enjoy listening to this!

  12. Nathan Einhorn says:

    I wish I could, but I don’t have the time and the motivation to get back on
    this project just for this ^^

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