To watch the full piano lesson go to In this piano lesson we’ll review the dotted notes we’ve learned so far: …

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16 thoughts on “Dotted Notes (Dotted Whole Note, Half Note, Quarter Note and Eighth Note) Piano Notes (Lesson 27)

  1. MKimXP says:

    @2pac1996rip1 This is rhythm tutorial really. Instrument doesn’t matter
    because rhythm is present in just about every instrument.

  2. Johana Moreno says:

    @2pac1996rip1 uhhhmmmm, it doesn’t really matter what instrument you play.
    It’s still the same rhythm.

  3. Azuro Blue says:

    my music teacher can be so confusing, thanks man. she talks about
    pinnapples, watermelons, jellos, and blues all the time, irritates me.

  4. Louie DeVille says:

    I get this now, a little more practice when I’m on the Piano and reading
    while I’m playing the music sheet I’ll understand it more. Thank you so

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