Shostakovich’s Piano Concerto No 2 Opus 102, II. Andante with sheet music for 2 pianos (orchestra reduction) Leonard Bernstein at the piano, with the New Yor…

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24 thoughts on “Shostakovich – Piano Concerto No 2 Op. 102, II. Andante (with sheet music)

  1. Michael Schlechtriem says:

    At 1:35 Bernstein plays a wrong note.He plays “a” instead of “c” (Bar 25)
    .I have always wondered about this………

  2. Musicalinfluence says:

    Absolutely beautiful. It’s probably just me, but it seems to hard to
    imagine that this movement which sounds so typically sombre of Shostakovic
    to be written to celebrate and premier at his son’s graduation ceremony.
    Eitherway, really lovely.

  3. TransparentHead says:

    I find this piece very mysterious. There’s something really profound about
    it… and such beauty.

  4. netedco says:

    This is the only neoclassical concerto movement I can actually play, and
    it’s also one of the most beautiful concerto movements of all times 🙂

  5. Virtuoso80 says:

    Been listening to so much Prokofiev lately, I sometimes forget. Prokofiev
    is a lot of fun, but Shostakovich is just operating on another level IMO.
    He just cuts right to the heart of me.

  6. ARABYJOYCE says:

    Eu amo esse concerto papa piano de Shostakovich, Não paro de escutar.
    Poderia tocar ad infinitum … seria maravilhoso a eternidade assim!

  7. Brian W Haight says:

    Used to spend hours listening while reading music scores. It was all LPs
    back then. And a music library full of scores. Cataloged in a rather
    unusual British cataloging system. +UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance

  8. svetlana14s says:

    Silly american interpretation. Bernstein is not capable to understand
    Shostakovich’s music. He plays for public=for applause. Reclame of himself
    instead of real Shostakovich’s music 😛

    The best perfomance was made by Dmitry Shostakovich himself with Moscow
    Radio Symphony Orchestra, conductor Alexander Gauk (recorded in 1958 year).

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