25 thoughts on “Basic Piano Notes, Keyboard tutorial #1

  1. Morganstudios says:

    You know, I’ve never gotten real religious about which octave is which….a
    quick look in Cubase and my Bosendorfer 290 piano library says that is
    C1…(with middle C being C3)….but on wikipedia it says middle C is C4.
    And I see other places even call middle C C5(Sonar). So whatever…just
    agree with whatever system you are working with at the time. But probably
    most commonly it’s C2, but often called C1 ^^ (like in my piano library)

  2. Morganstudios says:

    @horseracing2009 Use the black keys as a reference. Pianos and keyboards
    can have different numbers of keys, and different notes at the top and
    bottom. A note below 2 black notes is a C. Yes they repeat A-G up and down
    the keyboard 🙂

  3. Morganstudios says:

    @candypinkerswirl You can play a lot with 61 keys. It might have an octave
    shift button as well. If there are some notes that are out of range, just
    play them in a different octave or leave them out I say.

  4. ffdp419 says:

    just bought a keyboard off my friend today, was wondering if keyboards are
    capable of echos? like when i take my fingers off the keys, is there a way
    to make the note echo?

  5. Morganstudios says:

    @BadMan123001 Cool thanks! Check out the rest of the series, maybe what you
    are looking for is there. Also you can always ask me questions in the
    comments =)

  6. Des Hades says:

    i am a young keyboardist just learning how to playthe piano teacher makes
    up a mess while teaching,so i relied on youtube for learning keyboard,but
    most of them were just that i cant understand but you really make sense and
    now i understood what keyboard really is. 🙂

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