Presenting Rihanna What’s My Name Sheet Music. This is a song by the mentioned singer in collaboration with Drake. It leaked on the Internet on October 15.

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On November 12 the number will be issued as the second single from her fifth studio album, Loud. The Norwegian-based duo Stargate was responsible for production. According to Rihanna, this one song that brings her back to the top. The Billboard Hot 100, the United States, he is number 1.

Video clip

Much of the video was recorded on September 26, 2010 in New York as director Phillip Andelman. Parts of the clip which was filmed at Drake participates October 27. Eventually, the video premiered on 12 November 2010 at Rihanna’s VEVO’ on Youtube. In April 2011 the film has more than 150 million viewers. The video had 200 million viewers in August 2011.

The video begins with various images of New York. Then we talk with Drake cashier in a store. Rihanna in what later and get them on to the refrigerators. Drake chases her and so does RiRi fade a carton of milk on the floor. Rihanna starts singing again when she pushes off Drake with a smile “on her face. In the next scene we see Rihanna dancing and singing in the streets and we see several people walking around with various musical instruments. Between these images we see Drake & Rihanna a romantic time meet in their apartment. They drink wine and holding a pillow fight. At the end we see Rihanna at the park with different people with the musical again. The video ends with something we Drake Rihanna’s ear whispering see.

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