25 thoughts on “Rihanna We Found Love ft. Calvin Harris Sheet Music

  1. CupcakeMoonster says:

    On this Rihanna but everything hipsters love all together and make a hit of it. Real nice huh.

  2. JrhymzChannel says:

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  3. markbanarsenal says:

    @sinfuldavy0 yep the girl talking at the start you mean? certainly is a british accent ..sounds yorks or lancs to me or somewhere inbetween in the pennines area?..great video..sums up high rise life in the uk quite nicely i think..great catchy song and beat love it ….and im an old fart !!! boy that girl ( rih) got some talent!

  4. markbanarsenal says:

    @7aneee not quite but i know where your coming from! afraid its just typical of “high rise” life in the uk..it will get a lot worse before it gets better !!

  5. RedDress says:

    @RedDress who is from manchester… hence why Rihanna wants to buy a home in manchester because she likes the accent… lord knows why!?

  6. markbanarsenal says:

    @rsyro chillpill needed!! the “new accent” reffered to is the girl talking at the start..which obviously isnt rihanna.. its a local northern english accent probably from yorkshire or lancashire ..the video looks like its shot somewhere in that area possibly sheffield..anyone know for def? we know rihanna comes from Barbados..lovely island.. i got married there in 1994!!

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