Step into the world of Nickelback – Photograph sheet music.

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Nickelback – Photograph Sheet Music for Piano Step into the world of Nickelback – Photograph sheet music.
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25 thoughts on “Nickelback – Photograph Sheet Music for Piano

  1. 102Alucard says:

    @ohboyhey2k4 You need to chill, Stop coming to these videos, and commenting something bad, just go watch whatever band you want and comment something good on there. Stop wasting your time replying to that idiot.

  2. ohboyhey2k4 says:

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  3. THOR4LIFE100 says:

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  4. slicedmonkey243 says:

    the best song from nickelback and it reminds ppl of the good ol days but im only 13 and dont have that many days like that

  5. simeone55 says:

    im 22, and i feel like the language, and the argument is just stupid. grow up, and listen to the sick music

  6. ninjalotus2000 says:

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  7. laserboneful says:

    do you guys think this guy pulled his band mate’s cock out of his mouth long enough to tell himself that, “I should stop breaking into my old High School… cause i’m like 40 years old.” what a f”ing gay wad!

  8. laserboneful says:

    who’s the other deuche bag that thinks he’s actually gonna get paid for being in this gay band? …but i guess they all do that. i seriously wish that blond homo would just hang himself in their next video.

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