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25 thoughts on “Phillip Phillips – Home (Piano/Cello Cover) – ThePianoGuys

  1. Michel Tomassini says:

    Simply superb. I like all your work and I just found out that you are
    coming to my home town next March (Montreal, Canada). I already bought my
    tickets :-).

  2. Marwa Farouk says:

    Nothing like the golden sun rays , the green fields , the natural smile
    with a passionate heart ..nothing like being HOME 🙂 

  3. Hikari Minoru says:

    I absolutely love the locations. With the instrumentals, and actual
    locations makes anything better

  4. MM MICHELLE says:

    Amigos do G+ ,sinto-me muito bem em minha companhia , eu me amo muito ,
    goste de cuidar de mim e a musica faz parte desse momento .”O amor próprio
    nos leva à Evolução”
    Augusto Cury
    Só caminhamos nos solos da vida com segurança quando conhecemos os terrenos
    da nossa personalidade .

  5. Gabby Webb says:

    My FAVOURITE song ever from these amazingly talented guys. I love that they
    love what they do. The smiles on their faces just make this song even more

  6. Nates2000 says:

    Hi i wanted to know if the sheet music of this song is available for
    purchase. if so can you please tell me in which of your books is it in?

  7. Gary Li says:

    This collaboration proves that music does have a very strong healing power.
    I love this, thanks piano guys!

  8. Marcin Sz says:

    Ci co dają łapkę w dół to nie czują muzyki całym sobą, trzeba umieć się
    wczuć, aż ciarki przechodzą. 

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