Easy download of OneRepublic Apologize sheet music is a song by the rock band OneRepublic produced by Greg Wells and Ryan Tedder. When it was released in 2006 under the title “Apologize”, the reception was scarce. In 2007 the number again put together by producer and singer Timbaland and landed on his album Shock Value.

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It was the third single released under the stage name “Timbaland presents OneRepublic” with the same title. The song was the international breakthrough of OneRepublic. The original version at OneRepublic Dreaming Out Loud.


The song was originally released in 2006, only by OneRepublic. The singer and writer of the song is Ryan Tedder, lead singer of the group. According to the MySpace page of the group “found the number of the personal pain of multiple failed relationships and the need to continue”. The version of the album Shock Value by Timbaland is a remix with a different beat, released in 2007. Timbaland is heard in the background with some few guttural sounds, as in the song “Say It Right” by Nelly Furtado.

Video clip

The video for “Apologize” was filmed on September 14, 2007. Early October was the first song on TV. Ryan Tedder sings in the clip in a recording studio where the band members play the music. Meanwhile, a Timbaland remix of the song behind a recording panel. The clip is over 108 million times on YouTube. In the European version of the video pieces are on display of Duitste movie Keinohrhasen.

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