This piece has always been my favourite one. It was actually the first song I ever managed to play properly on my first keyboard, which now has been replaced…

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25 thoughts on “My Heart Will Go On (Piano Cover) – James Horner // Arqam Sajid

  1. *Annubi* says:

    How awesome <3 Mashallah!!! Wish you all the best and thanks for sharing
    your wonderful talent . All the best in the coming new year! :)

  2. PrinceChangQin says:

    The performance is good and passionate except that it is a little bit fast.
    BTW, what’s the model of your piano?

  3. Hiranya Nakandala says:

    this is the best instrumental version I’ve ever heard! And now can’t stop
    listening to it!! BEAUTFUL! you’re so talented!!

  4. Simon Smith says:

    198 people cannot appreciate good musicianship. Well played sir, I love
    this song and your version is awesome!!!

  5. Алексей Наймушин says:

    I’m very much impressed by your play! Really beautiful;) Where can I get
    the notes for this?

  6. wavetuning says:

    Nice performance, I like the intro in particular! However, to my perception
    there is way too much of pedal and reverb effect. Is this the original
    sound of the digital piano? Perhaps you should consider using virtual
    instrument plugins? This could push the sound quality significantly!

  7. Dominik_HD says:

    Amazing 🙂 please, what setup you use on piano ? (piano sound, reverb,
    chorus, etc…) I have the same Yamaha piano. 🙂 Thank you so much 🙂
    (sorry for my english) :D

  8. Patricia Arias Fernández says:

    Just one word: fantastic!! I’ve heard so many versions and this is the best
    one I’ve ever heard. I cannot stop listening to it! You are such a good

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