From the 1971 Christmas Show, this is possibly the most popular Morecambe and Wise sketch of all. But too often it is shown incomplete, starting from the mom…

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25 thoughts on “Morecambe and Wise – Andre Previn (The full sketch)

  1. London Symphony Orchestra says:

    Happy 85th birthday to our Conductor Laureate and former Principal
    Conductor André Previn. He’s had a very long career, but the most famous
    moment of it is of course his appearance on the Morecambe and Wise Show in
    1971. Still extremely funny today.

  2. Sarah Timbrell says:

    Oh, that bit where Eric grabs Andre Previn and says, “I am playing all the
    right notes, but not necessarily in the right order!” So, so lol. Also the
    way Ernie keeps calling him Andrew Preview. Greig’s piano concerto, “with
    him and him.”

  3. mbds42 says:

    Simply wonderful – and Andre is an amazing straight man – who wouldn’t have
    laughed with Eric right in your face like that! :-))

  4. SWI0001 says:

    I just realised, this was also on another beautiful British comedy: BLACK

    It’s good is it, it’s sorta relaxing. 

  5. Helland Back says:

    Paddy 9i99 may feel that they’re not funny, which is his privilege but
    we don’t need to know his opinion. Besides if he is so convinced that Eric
    and Ern aren’t funny, why does he watch?

  6. David Dwyer says:

    Perfectly written, perfectly acted. Everyone involved contributed to making
    this one of the great pieces of comedy writing in the English language. It
    really is THAT good. Even the reactions of the members of the orchestra at
    the back are funny. Modern “comics” like Ricky Gervais (to name just one)
    should watch and learn. 

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