For the longest time, I’ve always wanted to reupload my old Magica Madoka piano covers with the new microphone equipment. And today, the time has finally come: A reinterpretation of the complete…

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23 thoughts on “Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica – Soundtrack Medley [piano]

  1. NeMucn says:

    6:00 has to be the best rendition of credens justitium I have ever listened
    to in my life. Speechless. 

  2. chill3n456 says:

    Madoka Magica had some of the best music ever andf you do a great job of
    retaining its awesomenes, plus, make it a bit more epic for some tracks.

  3. Murrchik says:

    I do not recommend to make homeworks while listening to this,
    you will end up looking in the air right infront of your book. ^^
    Well i’m doing it anyways because i can’t resist to listen to this

  4. Jeremy Hinson says:

    I just realized that the noise that I keep hearing at the beginning is the
    sound of your keys coming back up

  5. Skyrah1 says:

    38 Magical Girls were trapped in an Incubator’s pocket dimension and
    couldn’t be reached by Madoka, so they turned into witches.

  6. Jear min says:

    I don’t understand our world anymore… Really? 41 people dislike this?
    This piano playing is awesome

  7. AnimeMidi says:

    Yuki Kajiura, love this composer <3. I've never watched Puella Magi Madoka
    Magica, but this medley sounds so good! Credens Justitiam is so epic <3.

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