Hi everyone, thanks for your support and for waiting so patiently. I’m sorry it took me so long to finish this one but work has been getting pretty busy late…

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25 thoughts on “Let it go – piano accompaniment/instrumental w/sheet music (Idina version)

  1. Peter Dong says:

    Could you raise the melody/solo part by an octave? A violin doesn’t go that
    low :/

    Good job on it though!

  2. HighWideandHandsome says:

    I do want to mention that you have Christophe Beck incorrectly credited as
    the composer of the music for Let It Go. It was actually Robert Lopez who
    wrote it. Kristen Anderson-Lopez did write the lyrics.

  3. Jane Le says:

    far out you are freaking MAAADDD!!! That’s elite! Keep making more, you’re
    a massive hit! That’s it! I’m subscribing!

  4. Signe Jeremiason says:

    I’m learning this right now…i was doing so much of it wrong! Thanks for
    this, it helps:)

  5. Haley Jones says:

    I love your music<3 I wish i can play just like you
    Can you do a piano accompaniment of Taylor Swift's Back to December?? xddd

  6. Ara Basinillo says:

    I don’t know why my previous comments on my other account are not showing
    here. I’m going to ask again. Could you please send me the music sheets of
    this song in Eb major? My email is emmajess48@gmail dot com Thanks!

  7. MrSamwise25 says:


    I’d been trying to rewrite this accompaniment, but my ear isn’t very
    good… thanks for the sheet music! It’s great!

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