Learn how to play Let It Go by Demi Lovato from the Frozen soundtrack – a quick riff solo piano arrangement with all notes & chords showing on the keyboard in Synthesia. ▽ More songs from…

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24 thoughts on “Let It Go Demi Lovato EASY Synthesia Piano Tutorial

  1. Jennifer Zhou says:

    this is an amazing song i loved it so much that in the PJ factor in our
    school we formed a band call the firebolts

  2. Jedistudmuffin says:

    Pls with all of your videos make them slower I can’t play it if its going
    100mph I can’t stand it pls make a improved version of it slowed down thnx

  3. Mae Gumila says:

    OMG! What kind of version is that!? I haven’t played Synthesia yet because
    I don’t have the adoptor of my keyboard… BUT I SAY, THIS VERSION IS
    AMAZING :))) can you try messaging me on what kind of synthesia is that? or
    just reply here :3 YOU’RE SO AMAZING :D

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