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25 thoughts on “Learn to Play the Piano | Lesson #1 | the notes of the piano

  1. Ronnie likesSlayer says:

    thanks! now i know how to make it sharps or flat. btw i have yamaha psr 233
    61 keys 😀 im a beginner xD.

  2. Princessaxox says:

    This good to use for any notices if ur learning to play piano, but I
    already noe how to play this cuz I’m a boss at piano….#sho!!!

  3. Christina Maxwell says:

    Wow!!! I appreciate you taking the time to teach us who truly want to learn
    how to play the piano. It was a childhood dream of mine to always learn and
    now that I finally have a keyboard and some time, I can.Thank you again &
    Blessings to you.

  4. MultiMarvelGeek says:

    You are very articulate, sir. I am hard-of-hearing but I understand you
    quite clearly. Please don’t ruin the audio quality.

  5. MusicLoverGirl198 says:

    I already learned this when I was five Lol….Now I am doing grade 7 or 8
    (still undecided) for piano this new year. Just completed grade 6 trinity
    exam, but nice video for beginners! 

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