Hello and welcome to my 10 Hours video. It’s just the music of Skyrim 10 hours, but yeah why not :D.

25 thoughts on “10:03:17 Hours of Skyrim main Theme Song !

  1. Lame :(. Don’t become so butthurt Skyrim fans, this type of music isn’t for
    everyone ^-^. And if the occasional “WTF ARE YOU DOING HERE THEN BOI?”
    comes along, my friend is an addict. Forwarded me. I hope nobody here had
    enough time to make it to the end!

  2. Took an arrow to the knew is a generic term for saying that you got
    married. Not all the soldiers actually got physically shot, in the knew,
    with an arrow

  3. Me: “Hey gua-” Guard: “Let me guess…Someone stole your sweet role…” Me:
    “N..No bu-” Soldier: “I used to be an adventurer once but then i took an
    arrow to the knee” Me: “..Ok the-” Soldier: Be careful Kajit” Me: “Ok bye”

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