Lady Gaga Born This Way Sheet Music presents piano notation of the song. This is a song by American artist Lady Gaga. This is the first single from her third studio album, Born This Way. The song is written and produced by Gaga, Fernando Garibay, Jeppe Laursen and DJ White Shadow and was born as she travels the world as part of the Monster Ball Tour. The title is inspired by the movement of musical empowerment of women and the gay community created in the 90s. Gaga says Born This Way gives it a sense of freedom.

Score & Tabs

Lady Gaga, Born This Way Sheet Music, piano notation, score

At the MTV Video Music Awards in 2010, she sang part of the chorus in its acoustics. The output of the song is originally scheduled for February 13, 2011. However, it was revealed two days earlier, and the lyrics and the cover of the single.

Born This Way is an electropop song, accompanied by light synth sounds and a low buzzing. Toward its conclusion, it also includes some a cappella. Overall, the lyrics deal with the empowerment of minorities, while the chorus invites to live with no regrets and be yourself. The song mentions some communities such as gays, lesbians and transgender people. Shortly after the revelation of the words, she is criticized by some Asian and Hispanic communities, who feel that the terms “chola” and “east” used to describe them are offensive and degrading. The track has several remixes, including a country version, recorded by Gaga herself, and another produced by Salim and Sulaiman Merchant, for the Indian market.

Born This Way was well received by critics, who describe it as a “hymn to cut the night clubs’, although similarities with Express Yourself, Madonna single released in 1989, he be charged. While some journalists believe that these similarities make the title less attractive, others think that Born This Way is a completely new and independent work. The song reached number one on the charts for nineteen countries, including Germany, Austria, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Sweden and Switzerland. In the U.S., the track became the third single from Gaga to be enthroned on the Billboard Hot 100. In addition, it became the 1000th number one Hot 100 and remains more than six weeks at the top of U.S. charts. Within five days, a million buyers download the title on the iTunes Store, making it the song had sold the fastest in the history of this service.

Music video

The video of the song is directed by Nick Knight and Gaga. Unveiled February 28, 2011, he was inspired by surrealist visions of painters like Salvador Dali and Francis Bacon. The clip is Gaga giving birth to a new breed. In the prologue, it evokes the new breed, born without prejudice. The video is noted for its references not only to artists such as Michael Jackson and Madonna, but also to the Greek mythology, surrealism and the work of designer Alexander McQueen. Born This Way is interpreted for the first time live at the 53rd Grammy Awards. Gaga singing after leaving the incubator. The track is also played in the last part of his tour, The Monster Ball Tour. The song was particularly taken over by the singer Katy Perry and the Internet sensation Maria Aragon.

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