Lady Gaga – Venus Tutorial: Lady Gaga – Applause Tutorial: Lady Gaga – Born This Way: Lady Gaga …

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25 thoughts on “Lady Gaga – Applause Tutorial (How To Play on Piano)

  1. Snackyboi1 says:

    So i’m starting to get an audience in my town, and they’re throwing songs
    at me like Crazy. I do have a few songs that I haven’t put on youtube just
    because I don’t have the right camera. But I was wondering how you
    transcribe the music you play into piano… I’m working at the moment on A
    Thousand Years, I took a look at your video i loved it, but I want to see
    if I can do another original cover.

  2. Valentine Aubin says:

    Why is it so acute? Go to site, there is plenty of free tutorial! And
    especially the REAL version of Applause : OnlinePianist

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