Hope you enjoyed – and if you did please give the video a thumbs up! Thx ! made by ear Download Midi file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3kwnkvscruzl2ne/Interstellar%20Teaser%20Theme.mid?dl=0 …

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24 thoughts on “Interstellar-Movie Teaser Trailer Main Theme (Piano Cover/ Tutorial)

  1. Dolly Ahh says:

    ughh… this song made me cry in the theater so much but i love this song
    so much its so beautiful 

  2. Adam Dajani says:

    Please make a day one dark – hans zimmer theme! Hans Zimmer – Day One Dark
    (Interstellar Soundtrack)(Bonus Track)

  3. TrigerPro says:

    Check out mine here – INTERSTELLAR – Our Destiny Lies Above Us (Piano
    Tutorial) [Synthesia] // Hans Zimmer 😀 , Thanks

  4. Kasey Koska says:

    best rendition or whatever you call it. Srsly ive been having so much
    trouble finding a synthesia tutorial vid version that captures all the
    sounds of the song that make my skin crawl. This one captured all of them.
    Thanks so much! 😀 I shall learn this now and give other ppl eargasms.

  5. andtutoriales says:

    I dont get it, how many hands am I supposed to have to play this? hahaha no
    but really, this is so hard! how can I play this?

  6. Yang Xiao Long says:

    I love this piece so much it speaks of the movie so well…i have keyboard
    and want to play it from my friends… i dont know if i could do it…

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