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22 thoughts on “EASY PIANO Tutorial / How to play Let It Go by Demi Lovato (Frozen)

  1. Umesh Chaudhary says:

    You have a lovely voice ! It sounded great… i will try to play for my 4
    yr old. Good work girl and thanks for posting. 

  2. Euodia Tham says:

    I got the chord right but i dun’t understand why it play completely
    different from yours but urn voice is really good and everything is explain
    clearly so can u tell me why i can’t get it?

  3. colm roche says:

    Heyia, I really want to learn this for my school exams but I just can’t get
    the notes easyish so can you just leave the notes/keys in letter formation

  4. Dipi Doo says:

    Thank you so much for your tutorials! I learnt 3 songs in one day! Your
    tutorials are really helpful so thank you once again!

  5. Katherine Murphy says:

    That was really good !

    I really wanted to play this cos Ive got a 5yr old cousin who loves frozen
    and now with a bit of practice I could show her

  6. Maddy Cash says:

    Thanks for this tutorial, I found it super helpful and easy to learn! so
    thanks heaps, look forward to watching more!!

  7. Tanielle Jones says:

    Omg u mad it look so easy u r so much better than the other hard tutorials
    I watched they make it hard

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