The Original Arrange can be found here: As well as here: This Medley contains both Ib’s theme, ‘Memory’,…

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25 thoughts on “[Ib] Ib Piano Medley – Piano Transcription (Sheets in description!)

  1. αcє σf spαdєs says:

    Whoa! Was I the only one that saw that Garry’s notes spelled out Ib in the
    beginning of Hide and Seek?

  2. Matthew A Williams says:

    ((that was beautiful, it would be even better if you added a little bit of
    puppet in there too? but it’s still the best thing i have ever heard))

  3. sunnysea24 says:

    This sounds a little bit different than the sheet music… maybe I just
    need more practice.
    It’s a really great arrangement though.

  4. Amanda Tai says:

    This is one of my favorite piano arrangements of the Ib soundtrack. I just
    feel this version has so much emotion put into it. Especially towards the
    end of “Hide and Seek”. The way it so beautifully transitions from each
    song, changing from hauntingly peaceful into heartbreakingly emotional, I
    literally felt chills.

  5. Olivia Holland says:

    Aww!! The feels! Loved the game, really unique and enjoyable. Defiantly
    gonna learn this one 🙂 

  6. Pacem Druid says:

    My trouble is, I really want to play this piece, and several others… but
    I can not read treble clef, only bass clef. I also can’t afford piano
    lessons so I have to self teach… any advice?

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