To watch the full piano tutorial go to This piano lesson is a natural continuation of the previous piano lesson…

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25 thoughts on “How to Read Piano Notes on the Grand Staff Free Beginners Piano Lessons – (Piano Theory Lesson 11)

  1. jweroa says:

    you are a really good teacher, thanks for upload videos like this..i have
    had a keyboard for years and im starting to learn by your videos..thanks

  2. piano4soul says:

    okay i know its embaracing … am a girl who plays piano for like 10 year .
    am in level 8 … nd yea all i played was with ear i never learned from
    notes … and this video helped me to learn haah thanks !

  3. psylock1986 says:

    i want to transfer piano notes to play guitar .. i think its easy to
    understand ^_^ tnx for this vid

  4. klavierspielerin83 says:

    ”i still dont understand how to read bass clef”=you just have to learn
    it! theres not other way! the fourth line up is always F. next: G, A, B,
    mid. C. now youre into the treble with D E and so forth. down from F is E,
    D, C, B, A, G, and F. memorize it! read bass clef music music . use it
    often! best of luck!

  5. Scott Passway says:

    you’re the best piano teacher on the internet 🙂 And i just love it how
    calm and clearly you explain everything

  6. Steven Aseron says:

    dude i really appreciate your videos,, it really helped me a lot,, ive been
    playing the piano for three years,, and people say im already good but ive
    only been playing the piano by chords, piano tutorials and ear,, so thank
    you now i can improve myself again 🙂

  7. grully012 says:

    ok,… top for right, lower for left…. and…. I’m lost, XD great tut
    though, i just watched it again, XD

  8. RaciouS91 says:

    thanks. You’re such a great teacher. Thanks. Now, I now the differences
    between lower register, middle register and upper register in piano notes.

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