Download it on : Here is my piano/orchestra cover of the Elder Scrolls Skyrim Theme. Originally compose…

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24 thoughts on “Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim Main Theme Piano Cover (Advait Nemlekar)

  1. ingainloggningsnamn says:

    Omg why do I hear “suck my D” in my head while listening to this? -_-

  2. TheKarolans says:

    Can anyone give me an advice how to play this on an actual piano? I happen
    to have one at my house right now, this would be a great learning
    experience :D.. Thanks!

  3. TF22B4k4y4r0 says:

    I prefer this version to the original version. I prefer most of your
    covers(I prefer calling them remixes) to the original versions! Keep the
    good job!

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