My piano and strings arrangement of the main trailer theme from Interstellar, written by Hans Zimmer, and commonly known as Our Destiny Lies Above Us. I have also recorded arrangement of Day…

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24 thoughts on “Hans Zimmer – Main Theme from INTERSTELLAR (Piano Cover + Sheet Music)

  1. Mark Aylward says:

    Thank you for all of your support on this video! 😀

    If you have any requests / suggestions of other pieces for me to cover,
    please reply to this post and I’ll be pleased to check them out! :)

  2. Piano Around the World says:

    Been hearing a lot of versions of this song from a number of pianists. I’m
    thinking of trying this one too… should be as great too I guess

  3. Arnanto Akbar says:

    can you play STAY, Detach, and Final Frontier (by Thomas Bergersen) too?

    all of them are my favourite Interstellar OST after this

  4. CobraBoy says:

    I don’t play piano, but I guess it’s pretty easy to play. HOWEVER you
    played it with emotion, and it’s SO beautiful. Congrats Mark! I like both
    versions, maybe even more yours.

  5. abdulqudz89 says:

    ‘mankind was born on earth. it wasn’t meant to die here.’

    i saw interstellar last night and i loved it. brilliant film from an
    excellent, visionary director.

  6. Iain Hemstock says:

    Wow, what a treat! Hans is the master of soundtracks and Mark is the master
    of the covers! Great production, Mark, the strings are epically (is that a
    word?) strong and powerful and you really brought out the beauty of the
    melody on your piano. Loved the starry video too. 

  7. Nathan Mechler says:

    Great song, I was able to teach it to myself, but I’m sensitive on the
    subject that Hans did not write the trailer music. He wanted his music to
    only be in the actual movie, so people would get a better experience
    hearing it for the first time.

  8. Helder Pimenta says:

    brilliant! thanks for this great piece of music. congrats!
    PS: how long did it take you to learn this?

  9. David Bob says:

    This sound amazing! Still reminiscent of the original, but the slower
    strings make the music feel so much more personal than the original 🙂 

  10. ♪Rainid♫ says:

    You know what I love?
    When music covers include the initial (or modified) sheet music they
    found/used and shares it with the viewers
    Thank you.

  11. Huiyi Changy says:

    I think at 0:24 you can play the continuous E and C and E and D with your
    right hand while using your left hand to play the chords and the high E!
    just a suggestion for people who are going to play this solely on a piano
    without any strings added(:

  12. Kimberly Bellow says:

    So pretty, umm requests Sunshine John Murphy, The Dragster Wave by Ghinzu
    and Time if you haven covered any of those yet.

  13. Marcel Lasaj says:

    This is really cool! I’ve got to say, though.. There is no song on the
    soundtrack called Our Destiny Lies Above Us. 

  14. Juan Andres Garcia Gallo says:

    What happen with the video called “transformation” it was one of my
    favorites! Please find a solution i Will apreciate it 

  15. Mitt Joshi says:

    I haven’t read all comments yet and this may be repeated request but I am
    hoping you do a cover for ‘no time for caution’ soundtrack from

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