Easy to follow highlighted notes, and both 100 % and 50 % speed versions using Synthesia. How to play the song Let It Go from the Disney film Frozen, originally sung by Indina Menzel. There…

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25 thoughts on “Frozen Soundtrack Indina Menzel – Let It Go Piano Tutorial (How to play on Synthesia)

  1. Terri DeLuca says:

    You people need to go to Youtube and get the FROZEN sing along Official
    Disney and play along. It’s very close and darn good in my opinion. Geez,
    you expect perfection and free, too? Thank you for this. I am teaching my
    piano students and they are loving it.

  2. WillZex Gaming says:

    Im suprised you have so many subscribers. All your piano tutorials are so
    choppy and and dont even have a pedal or strings!

  3. gill bruce says:

    this was terrible when it goes let it go let it go he just does to rubbish
    notes to be honest i can play it better

  4. Jantine Omta says:

    Hello, thank you for the piano tutorial! Can you tell me what kind of
    software I can use to create a piano tutorial like this one? Thank you:-) 

  5. Gareth Lategan says:

    This started really well. Almost preferable to other renditions… but it
    fell short and deteriorated after the intro. You have loads of potential,
    though, just put more effort beyond the start of a song maybe 

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