22 thoughts on “fnaf on piano ! i learned all notes. shapesbeard song

  1. Gaming and Other Stuff says:

    oh” and one more thing katie norris.just becuase i do a fnaf song dosn’t
    mean it’s an adalt thing cause phone guy says its a restureant were
    children and grown ups alike.

  2. UpToNoGood says:

    Hey kid, sounds good and well done for getting that far, maybe try

    CDCAA AGABflat A Bflat GCA FDGC ( then move up scale ) GDCBflat AGABflat
    AEAAA# B?

  3. Lesly Patterson says:

    Kid you is so stupid fanfic is a game for kids but just cause the phone guy
    says for children and grown ups alike doesn’t mean the real it mean in the
    daytime when kids are eating pizza and playing with fox do you even play
    fanfic you don’t even play it like that

  4. Gaming and Other Stuff says:

    hey!Im a little kid and I like Five Nights at Freddys & Venturiantale and
    your profile!

  5. MoltenMagmaGoddess says:

    This isn’t even the Living Tombstone song on the piano! Where did you even
    get the bad song! Plus fnaf isn’t really for kids! Phone guy isn’t real! He
    is part of a video game! The whole game is a video game! Bitch slap to you!
    >:( Get your facts right! Otherwise if you chose a better song I think
    people would like it. Try learning a better tune! Good luck! :)

  6. Arwin Gabryel Labarda says:

    We actually dont care that your a little kid its stupid and it sucks who
    makes that kind of
    Video anyway lozer!

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