Watch it on HD. The Sheet music is Availabe of course, download it here in pdf: like, coment and subscribe for more…

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5 thoughts on “Evanescence – My Immortal Piano/Vocal Sheet music

  1. Eternal Spike says:

    You are freaking awesome. Been looking EVERYWHERE for actually FREE sheet
    music for this song. Thumbs up + sub.

  2. ragekage20 says:

    So I was writing this down and changing it to Bass Clef so I can play it on
    my Euphonium and I noticed a few minor things. The second time through the
    verse she changes it slightly and it is not exactly the same, and in the
    vocal solo when she says “though you’re still with me” on me it is 2 notes
    not one and she doesn’t land on G#. Just thought you’d like to know, when I
    play through it I’ll try to write down the correct notes and changes and
    I’ll let you know what they are if your interested.

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