E3 2012 Skyrim main Theme Live orchestra EPIC Music Concert videogames live, i recorded the video myself at june 6 videogameslive games music concert, this f…

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25 thoughts on “E3 2012 – Skyrim Main Theme orchestra Live EPIC Music Concert video games live

  1. Seth Wagner says:

    In response to Amaya Carlson: All fantasies are similar, one of the few
    differences they have is that Skyrim’s dwarves died out long ago. Go

  2. Hugo Williams says:

    Who gives a shit about the sound quality this is EPIC
    I wanna fus do da a thousand mud crabs off a cliff with that annoying
    priest in whiterun NOW

  3. animedude says:

    This game forever will be and will be the greatest games of 2011.Long live
    bethesda including the fallout series.

  4. letusdoitforjohnny says:

    I am now in a Stormcloak uniform and wielding my glass greatsword ready for
    war against the Thalmor.

  5. Gamer Girl says:

    Right it may be two years away but I am taking myself to one of those
    concerts for my 18th Birthday !!! 

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