Complete tutorial about the basis and names of the Piano notes to understand scales, chords and progressions. BASIC, LATIN, JAZZ & LATIN JAZZ TUTORIALS (Engl…

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9 thoughts on “DRJASSMUSIC Basic Piano Tutorial – Notes

  1. Bonny Hug says:

    Although ur English decent, this video was really good and helpful for me!
    Thanks ! 🙂

  2. AlbertMore33 says:

    Do you have another tutorial on basic chords? It would be awesome to
    continue learning from these piano tutorials

  3. Drjassmusic says:

    yes, please visit my offical site w w w.drjassmusic. c o m or in this video
    descripcion for more info

  4. Drjassmusic says:

    hay una version disponible en español en mi pagina oficial w w
    w.drjassmuisc. c o m o en la descripcion de este video, saludos!

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