There are no tutorials on the internet for this song on piano! i figured id make my own. its a little sloppy but you get the idea. i dont have sheet music for this song! the left hand chords…

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25 thoughts on “Drop Dead Gorgeous Dressed For a Friend Requests Piano (Notes Listed)

  1. johnnydepp4ava says:

    no i learned it by ear but i wrote out the chords and notes above sort of
    by the subscribe button so let me know if that works out for you 🙂

  2. johnnydepp4ava says:

    yeah i guess you dont have to step on the pedal but i always do. its like
    an addiction because i think it sounds better haha

  3. shnat4eva says:

    can u send me a note sheet!!! i been tryin to play this song like forever,
    plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. jjjduce says:

    ohh i kno i welcome easier ways but the fact that there isnt is why im
    pissed becuz hes gunna complain while someone did this much while everyone
    else has done nothing

  5. Alex Broderick says:

    You should help me, I’m confused with the last part. :(. You should like do
    a top view of you playing the song. 😀 That’d help me a lot.

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