This is a Black MIDI of the original Lavender Town music from the Pokemon Green Beta which has its own Creepypasta…

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25 thoughts on “[Black MIDI] Pokemon Green Beta – Lavender Town 6 Million ~ Gingeas (Piano From Above) +download

  1. Ben Fotiou says:

    OUT *

    XD lolololol
    Creepypasta you suck

  2. UntaintedGrounds says:

    I just realized. Synthesia could be used to create secret messages, by
    putting in the message via letters, and disguising it as a song. Wow.

  3. InDaHood says:

    At 0:30 and beyond that melody you should had some high pitched single note
    strums to make it even more disturbing. Otherwise a very nice and colourful

  4. InDaHood says:

    Am i the only one around here that think Lavender town actually sound
    peaceful for the most time?

  5. iamnotamouseok says:

    This video exists only to drive people insane.
    I mean no offense, but this is absolutely terrifying, and I love it.

  6. Zynn Cursed - GFX Designer for ZynnHQ says:

    oh yeah… this killed japanese kids (they commited suicide after hearing
    this theme in the game).

  7. TheSqrtMinus1 says:

    A wild BLACK MIDI appeared!
    What should Synthesia do?
    Synthesia used OPENGL RENDERING!
    It wasn’t very effective…
    Black midi used NOTE SPAM!
    It was super effective!
    Critical hit!
    Synthesia crashed!
    Use next Pokemon? (yes)
    Go, Piano From Above!
    What should Piano From Above do?
    Piano From Above used 64 BIT!
    Critical hit!
    Black Midi used OVER 66 MILLION NOTES!
    It was Super Effective!
    Piano From Above crashed the computer!
    Gingeas’ computer broke!
    Gingeas raged and blacked out!

  8. Yonish Kittenson says:

    Ears found a wild Gingeas!
    Ears used Heaphones!
    It’s not very effective…
    Gingeas used Lavander Town 6 million notes!
    It’s super effective!
    Critical hit!
    Ears has fainted…

    And they are bleeding,too.

  9. [SCG] Jozza says:

    I was curious to see what would happen if I was to convert the MIDI file
    into an MP3 file, and to my surprise, it actually sounded really distorted
    and missing a lot of instrument sounds. Near the end, it sounded just like
    a bunch of static trying its best to make it sound like the actual thing
    near the end, and what was weird, was just a second before the music
    finished, I heard a loud noise that sounded like glass just got shattered.
    I actually had to double check this MIDI file near the end and turns out,
    that sound shouldn’t even be heard.

    Bottom line, don’t convert this into an MP3 file. I’m not sure if results
    vary somehow during conversion, but all I know is that it sounded horrible.
    The easiest way to describe the MP3 file is that it sounds like my computer
    literally tried its hardest to play the MIDI file.

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