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25 thoughts on “Avicii – Levels FL Studio Piano Notes Tutorial (DiegoMolinams)

  1. Cristian Vargas says:

    tieenes talento Diego, pero e leido bastantes comments que las personas
    quieren que agas tu propio estilo.. porque la mayoria de tus bootlegs o
    canciones echas por ti suenan a las de afrojack… claro que por hacer eso
    ya tienes bastante credito no cualquiera pudiera acerlo sigue pa lante

  2. jammyj4 says:

    Good Job on the song. What is the effect that is on track 3 that is
    displayed as purple. Im new to fl studio and that effect sounds really good.

  3. classicsound90 says:

    @TheycallmeYUGO Avici – Levels is very good. But I don’t think Flo Rida
    ruined it. It sounds also good!

  4. itaQ says:

    @Diegomolinams98 actually they both took it from the original verison
    Something’s Got A Hold On Me – Etta James

  5. Jake Smith says:

    @wilen13 R.I.P. she was amazing my favorite version of levels is the old
    school intro her voice

  6. stardustie says:

    hahahahahahah made my day! 😀 U’d probably say “sounds like Kanye West –
    Stronger” after listening Daft Punk – Harder better faster stronger

  7. JirraJirra13 says:

    DiegoMolinams Thnx For Uploading This , Im Making A Bootleg Now , Its Not
    Done Yet But As Soon As It Is Ill Let You Know Peace , Villey Out

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