Marius Nordal demonstrates basic guitar-like note bending on acoustic piano for blues players. .—From new book “Wisdom of the Hand-The Genius Guide to the …

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20 thoughts on “Bending Blues Notes on Piano

  1. Doumbeck says:

    Marius: DUDE! you give the best explinations and illustrations of jazz
    piano technique on YOUTUBE..your soul shines through too, i.e. your love of
    this music and the piano. I wonder about bending ‘up hill’ that is some
    tough stuff.. If you get around to it, maybe you can adress that issue..
    like how to do all this ‘grease’ technique in say D flat..

  2. BluesDoctor says:

    Marius: Thank-you kindly. You are making an old guitar slinger and
    part-time keyboard player, new and improved on the keyboard. Hope to see
    many more insightful techniques and tricks in the future.

  3. paxwallacejazz says:

    Thanx I had been superimposing fragments of different blues scales to some
    effect but of course what you so clearly demonstrated is actually what I
    was hearing. I would like to hear/ understand what you mean by artifact .
    Is it related to ” the blues is not a chord progression”?

  4. radiokid2 says:

    “Artifact” is a human made object, not found in nature. This bending stuff
    tries to make the piano into a human voice…certainly Art Tatum and Chick
    Corea did not do that though…..they tend to “type” notes. For more on
    this, check out my post here called “What Instrument is a Piano”….. Blues
    is all about “testifying”….the harmony is so simple that you can’t remove
    anything and if you ADD fancy harmonies it just becomes another generic
    ii-V-I “Realbook” set of changes.

  5. adamezy says:

    man I love the end. That look, then that piano riff to finish it off, lol,
    nice blues I love it. thx for posting

  6. philip noll says:

    That’s really sick. Can this work on a non-weighted keyboard with some
    organ sounds or something?

  7. radiokid2 says:

    @philnoll Sure, it works beautifully on an organ…esp.if you bend a note
    with the lower fingers and hold down a top harmony note with the little
    finger. listen to masters like Joey DeFrancesco, Jimmy McGriff, ect….

  8. radiokid2 says:

    @bellybroom You’re welcome! It’s always been a hassle to make the piano
    sound flexible like a guitar, horn or singer…it’s a clunky, 800 pound,
    percussive monster! Good luck!

  9. Richard Martin says:

    Thank you so much. What a discovery. Your attention to detail in explaining
    HOW to play is simply suburb. I’ve only looked at two of your videos so far
    and learned so much.

  10. Iz Lives says:

    Sir I would like to thank you so much for every single video you have
    posted. YOU have truly made a difference in my piano playing. Gratitude

  11. Fridemar Dr. Pache says:

    “FadingOutBluesNotesOnPiano” Thank you dear Marius Nordal for donating this
    wonderful technique to us. Another thankyou to radiokid2 (independent
    whether this nickname belongs to Marius or not) for making this videos
    available 🙂 cu — FriPa 2013-01-17 23:13:26 CET CcBySa

  12. Abel Hermans says:

    Thanks for the useful tip of using the pinky for harmony. I’ll be sure to
    try that out as soon as its properly healed (I recently broke it).

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